Secicao Blight

In an era of steam and automatons, a noxious plant called secicao is destroying the world.

But a rare few remain from an ancient lineage who can sing legions of dragons to protect it.

They are known as Dragonseers.

Reading Order

The Secicao Blight books were written to be in enjoyed in the following order:

Sukina’s Story is a prequel story, and so can be read at any time.

Dragonseer, Dragonseers and Bloodlines, and Dragonseers and Automatons have been collected in the Dragonseers and Airships omnibus.

Box Sets


What Amazon reviewers are saying about this series:

★★★★★ “Such a unique story that I was immediately drawn into! The world-building in this story was one of my favourite parts. I couldn’t get enough!”

★★★★★ “If you crave airships, tweed suits, and the other accoutrements of steampunk, you will find it in spades in Dragonseer. I don’t even like steampunk or fantasy, but Behrsin hooked me right into his fascinating world.”

★★★★★ “I loved the world-building here, with its dragons (and dragonseers and the “collective unconscious”), airships, automatons, drug-fuelled battles and so much more. Add in a neat cast, from Pontopa Wells (gotta love that name) on down (special credit to big bad drug lord King Cini (again, what name), and an imaginative and well-written plot. The result is definitely all pretty darn great.”

★★★★★ “Make a TV series of it.”

★★★★★ “I was hooked from the very beginning. Anyone who likes fantasy and who tends to cheer on the dragons over humans in stories will fall head over heels for this book.”