Dragonseers and Airships

In the era of dragons, airships, and automatons, Pontopa faces a difficult choice.

She could work for the king, liaising with merchant traders, for good money. But this would support his war against dragons, putting Pontopa’s own dragon in danger.

Or she could exile to a land where grey dragons run amok. But the king is ruthless and disobeying his edict would risk her parents’ lives.

It will take a chance meeting with her favourite author for Pontopa to make up her mind. And she’ll discover that her destiny is not as clear-cut as she first realised.

Because a rare few remain from an ancient lineage who can sing legions of dragons into battle.

In a now endangered era, Pontopa Wells might just be a Dragonseer.


A thrilling, page-turning series filled with adventure, naval and dragon battles, and super-powered combat.

This box-set contains the first three books in the Secicao Blight series:

1. Dragonseer
2. Dragonseers and Bloodlines
3. Dragonseers and Automatons

If you like the sound of a dragon fantasy with two kick-ass heroines and all the cogs and gears of steampunk, then you'll love the Dragonseers and Airships box-set.


What Amazon reviewers are saying about this series:

★★★★★ “Such a unique story that I was immediately drawn into! The world-building in this story was one of my favourite parts. I couldn’t get enough!”

★★★★★ “If you crave airships, tweed suits, and the other accoutrements of steampunk, you will find it in spades in Dragonseer. I don’t even like steampunk or fantasy, but Behrsin hooked me right into his fascinating world.”

★★★★★ “I loved the world-building here, with its dragons (and dragonseers and the “collective unconscious”), airships, automatons, drug-fuelled battles and so much more. Add in a neat cast, from Pontopa Wells (gotta love that name) on down (special credit to big bad drug lord King Cini (again, what name), and an imaginative and well-written plot. The result is definitely all pretty darn great.”

★★★★★ “Make a TV series of it.”

★★★★★ “I was hooked from the very beginning. Anyone who likes fantasy and who tends to cheer on the dragons over humans in stories will fall head over heels for this book.”


Dragonseers and Automatons

She will not relinquish control of her mind.

Book Cover: Dragonseers and Automatons

She will not relinquish control of her mind

In the age of airships, automatons and secicao, it’s been two years since the nefarious Empress Finesia commanded the rise of the immortal black dragons in East Cadigan Island.

Now, back in the Southlands, Pontopa Wells is taking strong medications to keep Finesia from taking control of her mind. Meanwhile, up north, the power-hungry King Cini has created a factory that can deal out war automatons at astounding rates.

Can Pontopa lead men and dragons into battle against them, when her medications numb her telepathic connection to the dragons?

Especially when Alsie Fioreletta, the right hand of Empress Finesia, seems to have other plans.

Continue the rip-roaring adventure in the third part of the epic Secicao Blight steampunk fantasy series: Dragonseers and Automatons.


Dragonseers and Bloodlines

The Rip-roaring Steampunk Fantasy Adventure Continues

Book Cover: Dragonseers and Bloodlines

In the age of airships, dragons and automatons, parenthood has never been so hard.

** Loved it! - Amazon Review of Dragonseer, the prequel. **

It's two years since Pontopa Wells escaped from King Cini's palace and discovered her identity as a dragonseer in the Southlands, a continent infested with a noxious plant called secicao.

Now, Pontopa has all the responsibility of being a parent to her old mentor Sukina's son, Taka, and she doesn't know how to handle it. On top of that, she feels that she needs to train to become as heroic as Sukina was, and she never feels she can live up to the task.

But when Taka goes missing, Pontopa must step up to the plate and learn what it truly means to accept responsibility and be a dragonseer.

With jungles, nomadic tribes, a rich and twisty plot, the comical arrogant inventor-entrepreneur Faso Gordoni, and automatons galore (both old and new), the much loved Dragonseer steampunk fantasy adventure continues in Dragonseers and Bloodlines.


Sukina’s Story

The king's father killed her mother's dragon. The king's men killed her mother. The king killed her own dragon. Now, Sukina must kill the king.

Since the murders, which happened just three days after her sixteenth birthday, Sukina’s wanted vengeance.

So, she spends her early adulthood training to become a killing machine and writing novels that expose the king’s ‘perfect utopia’ as not all that great.

When the new King Cini sends assassins to kill her, she realises that she has two options: either kill the king or die.

But in her quest to do so, she encounters even greater forces that are threatening the planet and also has to learn a few things about herself.

Download the prequel to the much-loved Dragonseer today and discover the origins of many readers’ favourite character, Sukina Sako.

This is her story.

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Secicao. A powerful drug of immeasurable power and value, but one that's also destroying the planet.

Pontopa Wells is an uncompromising entrepreneur with a dragon and a secicao operation in the Southlands. When she is contracted by King Cini, to incorporate her business with that of the conceited Faso Gordoni, she is initially unsure of her one-time rival.

Then, a meeting with her much-loved author, Sukina Sako, convinces Pontopa that she is on the wrong side and that secicao is damaging the planet at an alarming rate.

She and Faso agree to travel with Sukina to the south, to investigate what can be done. However, King Cini has other ideas and is not about to allow his two best secicao producers to just walk away. He intercepts the group at the island of Fraw, but despite their initial incarceration Sukina surprises them all when she summons grey dragons to help them escape.

Now on the other side of a desperate fight for survival, Pontopa discovers that she's a dragonseer, with the ability to communicate telepathically with, and command, legions of dragons.

Will her new-found ability and a diverse group of allies, be enough to defeat a king who is slowly but surely beginning to show his true nature?

Enter a world of dragons, dragonseers, airships and automatons in this Steampunk-fantasy tale like none other told before.