Friday News: 18th May 2018

Like last week, there’s been a lot going on this week. Book launches are always going to take a lot of time, not just in making sure the book is ready, but also in the marketing. But I’m pleased to see Harvesting Part One on the market and Harvesting Part Two is already ready for preorder.

Plus, I managed to get another short story out, entitled Strange of the Lake. Here’s a little more info on what’s been going on this week.


Harvesting is an 8-part Steampunk serial novel with dragons. Last week, I finalised the edits for Part One and this week, I edited Part Two and got it ready for market.

Today, Part One was released on Amazon and I’m delighted about how it looks. Unfortunately, we have to wait until the 24th May until it will be ready for other formats (Kobo, B&N, Scribd, etc.), but this is on its way.

I’m also happy to offer the first part for free, for anyone who wishes to read. I’m using BookFunnel, which supports uploads to most e-reader devices. Just visit the link below and follow the instructions on screen:

Alternatively, you can get it on Instafreebie, here:

Harvesting is an eight-part serial novel, with a part released on Friday each week. This means you can expect Parts 2 to 7 published on the 25th May, 1st June, 8th June, 15th June, 22nd June, 29th June and the 6th July.

If you want to read the second part, once it’s released, for free, you can sign up to my mailing list by clicking here.

I’m excited that I’ve finally managed to bring this novel into the world, after several years of writing it. I appreciate your support in reading it and also in any reviews or feedback you can give me. Please feel free to reach out and let me know what you think.

The Stranger of the Lake

This short story isn’t as scary as the cover looks, I promise. I couldn’t find suitable enough images for a great cover image on my currently limited budget.

Here’s the synopsis:

The Stranger of Lake only appears when the lake’s inhabitants have sinned

Charanzin is a typical farmer living on the lake. He harvests the water-wheat with his sickle oars and wishes The Stranger of the Lake had graced him and his wife Wema the chance to have a baby.

So, when he finds a baby left abandoned on the shore, while out harvesting his water-wheat, he can’t find a way to let it go. Even if the Stranger won’t allow it and the Enforcers will hunt him down. Particularly since the baby is wild-skinned, a race hated by those who dwell on the lake.

Enter a world of a simple people who live on the water and in fear of The Stranger that haunts their dreams.

If you see this post in time, the story is free on Amazon Kindle until 19th May 2018.

You can learn more about the story, by clicking on this link.

For the next seven weeks or so, my focus will be on getting Harvesting released. But I do have plenty of short stories that I wish to self-publish, so expect to see more in the near future.

Story Pending Publication

Last week, I told you how my story “Tears not Lost for Time” has been picked up by Factor Four magazine. I’ve heard a little more from the editor, and the great news is that the second issue will be released on the 1st July. I’ll keep you posted when I know more. Meanwhile, here’s a link to the first issue of the magazine, should you wish to read it.

Factor Four Magazine: Issue 1: April 2018 (Volume 1)

Being a Nomad

Being a Nomad is a travel blog that I co-run with my wife. This week, my wife posted an article about using flashcards and spaced repetition systems to learn languages efficiently. Here’s the link.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week.

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