Friday News: 11th May 2018

It’s certainly been an eventful week. I’ve been pretty busy with a lot of publishing projects and I’ve managed to get quite a few things out there. All this on top of my copywriting business keeping me busy, working extensively on our travel blog and trying to stick to my exercise and diet routine.

Here’s what’s been going on this week.


Harvesting is an 8-part Steampunk serial novel with dragons. I’ve been working on the first part this week, including the cover art, which I’m really happy with.

Each part will be novella length, meaning the whole series will become the size of a full-length novel. Then this complete novel is again part of a series of six planned novels, which I have the rough outline for.

I’m trialing the serial format, as a way to get the books to you quicker and I’ll be interested to hear how you like this publishing method.

The first part starts with our protagonist, Pontopa, meeting the arrogant entrepreneur Faso who she soon hates. He is all about automatons, but automatons are threats to dragons and Pontopa looks after the last remaining dragon in the northern continent.

But things are turned topsy-turvy when King Cini III orders the two to combine their processes to create the best secicao (a drug kind of like coffee, but with much more powerful effects) in the world.

Then, the king’s nephew has been reported missing, a fugitive is on the loose and Pontopa has certain things she needs to come to terms with. Any more, and I’ll spoil the read.

Here are the planned release dates for each part:

  • PART ONE: 18th May
  • PART TWO: 25th May
  • PART THREE: 1st June
  • PART FOUR: 8th June
  • PART FIVE: 15th June
  • PART SIX: 22nd June
  • PART SEVEN: 29th June
  • PART EIGHT: 6th July

If you want to read the first and second parts for free as soon as they’re released, you can sign up to my mailing list by clicking here.

I’m really excited to be releasing this serial novel and, if you read it, I hope you enjoy.

Two Short Stories

In the last two weeks, I’ve self-published two new stories on Amazon.

The first of these, The Dokkaebi, is a reprint that won first prize in the Spinetinglers Horror writing competition in March 2011. The story was no longer in print so I’m now pleased to re-release this story on Amazon Kindle, also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Secondly, Grandpa What Few Teeth You Have is a comedic fantasy about a granddad who wakes up to find himself a werewolf with no teeth, and his granddaughter who tries to find in suitable food. Already, a reviewer on Amazon has described this story as “Red Riding Hood for a new generation.”.

You can expect a third short story in the next few days.

Story Pending Publication

My story “Tears Not Lost For Time” has been picked up by Factor Four magazine. This is a new magazine specializing in Flash Fiction. I’ve already read their first issue and, I have to say, I’m impressed. I’ll send an update when I know more but, for now, you can get the first issue by clicking on the link below.

Factor Four Magazine: Issue 1: April 2018 (Volume 1)

Being a Nomad

Being a Nomad is a travel blog that I co-run with my wife. This week, I posted a new article about 10 of the most tantalizing soups I’ve had in Poland. Here’s the link.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week.

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