Sukina’s Story

The prequel to the much loved Steampunk Fantasy novel is finally here. Uncover the secrets of Sukina Sako and how she came to be a dragonseer.

Release Date: 17/07/2019
Format: Novel

Sukina must kill the king

Since the murders, which happened just three days after her sixteenth birthday, Sukina’s wanted vengeance.

So, she spends her early adulthood training to become a killing machine and writing novels that expose the king’s ‘perfect utopia’ as not all that great.

When the new King Cini sends assassins to kill her, she realises that she has two options: either kill the king or die.

But in her quest to do so, she encounters even greater forces that are threatening the planet and also has to learn a few things about herself.

Download the prequel to the much-loved Dragonseer today and discover the origins of many readers’ favourite character, Sukina Sako.

This is her story.

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This book is a page turner. It’s so detailed and well thought out. I read it in two days!

Goodreads Review

Sukina’s Story is a neat prequel to the Secicao Blight series that I’ve really getting in to. You don’t need to read this to totally enjoy that series, bit it’s a nice (and really well done) flavor enhancer.

Goodreads Reviewer

Not having read steampunk before, I found this story riveting. After this you want more!

Goodreads Reviewer

This is such an amazing prequel/sequel. The character building is beautiful and depressing. The struggle for these people to become the amazing characters they end up as is both heart wrenching and spectacular. I very highly recommend giving this a try if you like dragons, realistic characters and wonderful story structure.

Goodreads Reviewer


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