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Dragonseers and Evolution

“Now, all I need to do is plant my roots in the soil here. To become the Tree Immortal, the destiny that has been handed down through legacy.”

Release Date: 31/01/2022
Format: Novel

Will she ever be able to atone for her crimes?

It’s been two years since Pontopa Wells, under the mental control of the Empress Finesia, transformed into a dragon, massacred thousands at Ginlast and birthed a breed of fearless immortal dragons destined to obliterate the world.

Now Pontopa is being held in confinement at her former mentor’s fortress. Here, the new dragon queen rules with an iron claw to ensure Pontopa never loses her mind again. Added to which, Pontopa’s surrogate son, Taka, whom she has guarded for years, seems to despise what she’s become. Sadly, it seems, the world she once cherished has completely fallen apart.

To survive in this new reality, Pontopa must learn who she can trust, and embark on a journey of both redemption and rediscovery, involving dragons, steamships, automatons, and friends and foes both old and new. Will she be able to find herself amidst the darkness, or will she forever lose herself to her immortal enemies?

Because with time running out and catastrophe brimming, it’s not only Pontopa’s fate that’s at stake, but the fate of the world.



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