Dragonseers and Bloodlines

The Rip-roaring Steampunk Fantasy Adventure Continues

Book Cover: Dragonseers and Bloodlines

In the age of airships, dragons and automatons, parenthood has never been so hard.

** Loved it! - Amazon Review of Dragonseer, the prequel. **

It's two years since Pontopa Wells escaped from King Cini's palace and discovered her identity as a dragonseer in the Southlands, a continent infested with a noxious plant called secicao.

Now, Pontopa has all the responsibility of being a parent to her old mentor Sukina's son, Taka, and she doesn't know how to handle it. On top of that, she feels that she needs to train to become as heroic as Sukina was, and she never feels she can live up to the task.

But when Taka goes missing, Pontopa must step up to the plate and learn what it truly means to accept responsibility and be a dragonseer.

With jungles, nomadic tribes, a rich and twisty plot, the comical arrogant inventor-entrepreneur Faso Gordoni, and automatons galore (both old and new), the much loved Dragonseer steampunk fantasy adventure continues in Dragonseers and Bloodlines.