Dragonseers and Airships

Over 900 pages of Rip-roaring Steampunk Fantasy Adventure with Dragons for one great price.

Release Date: 31/07/2020
Format: Omnibus

To betray the empire, or her dragon?

In the era of dragons, airships, and automatons, Pontopa faces a difficult choice.

She could work for the king, liaising with merchant traders, for good money. But this would support his war against dragons, putting Pontopa’s own dragon in danger.

Or she could exile to a land where grey dragons run amok. But the king is ruthless and disobeying his edict would risk her parents’ lives.

It will take a chance meeting with her favourite author for Pontopa to make up her mind. And she’ll discover that her destiny is not as clear-cut as she first realised.

Because a rare few remain from an ancient lineage who can sing legions of dragons into battle.

In a now endangered era, Pontopa Wells might just be a Dragonseer.

A thrilling, page-turning series filled with adventure, naval and dragon battles, and super-powered combat.

This box-set contains the first three books in the Secicao Blight series:

Dragonseers and Bloodlines
Dragonseers and Automatons


I LOVE this series!! The coming in to your own type story follow Pontopa on her journey of self discovery that leads to attempting to save the world. With well defined characters and story lines, unexpected twists and turns, these books had me hooked from the get go.

Amazon Reviewer

A world of lost humanity. Exciting and unpredictable, you will love this book.

Goodreads Reviewer

I’m a big fan of both dragons and steampunk and really enjoyed these novels. I thought the world was creative and the characters were both real and fun to read about. The overall adventure is an enjoyable experience to behold.

Amazon Reviewer

This book is full of amazing characters that pull you along on their adventures.

Goodreads Reviewer



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