5 Travelling through Portals

A Cat’s Guide to Travelling Through Portals

I turned just as the sun came out of the clouds. A shadowy form emerged on the ramparts just below the turret. As it moved, I saw it wasn’t a mouse, a rabbit, or a cheetah at all, but another cat, and a female one at that.

Release Date: 28/09/2022
Format: Novel

The key to open worlds lies inside the belly of a dog …

Since Max, the dog, swallowed the key to enter every dimension, the worlds are no longer safe.

Firstly, the warlocks themselves will do everything in their power to get hold of that key. That’s a problem because they’re both awfully powerful and awfully evil.

But they’re not the only ones who want the key. A mysterious new contender has entered the realm, and if he or his lackeys get hold of the key every single one of the seven dimensions are doomed.

Which means it’s once again down to Ben the Dragoncat, his dragon, and his dragon rider companions to save the day. This time, though, they have a whole load of unicorns to help out, as well as a feline cat goddess from an ancient time, not to mention the oldest and wisest fairy of them all …

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The one about the hippopotamus.

How do you spell hippopotamus anyway?


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