3 Saving the Kingdom

A Cat’s Guide to Saving the Kingdom

“Just as soon as I finally worked out how to get my staff, I could fly out there on Salanraja’s back, nestled within her corridor of spikes that served as a natural saddle for cats. Then, with said staff clenched between my strong feline jaws, I would shoot a beam of energy at him. I’d knock him off his bone dragon, and I’d finally be able to rest.”

Release Date: 28/06/2021
Format: Novel

No warlock is ever foiled thrice….

Ben who rides dragons is twice a hero. He’s defeated all kinds of demons and learned how to both battle and become a chimera. That’s powerful stuff for a mere cat.

Oh, how proud his ancestors would be if they saw him today.

But he’s too powerful for Astravar, the mighty warlock and Ben’s nemesis, who can’t stand the thought of being defeated twice by a mere moggie. It’s even more embarrassing that he’s going to have to grovel for others for help destroying the kingdom…

And obviously, when he does, everyone’s going to turn to the mighty dragoncat for help.

That’s the problem with being a hero, you see. When someone threatens to destroy a kingdom, everyone kind of expects you to step up to the plate and save it.

But really, how can a mere cat and his dragon win a battle against seven all-powerful warlocks?

Probably, with an awful lot of help from people he doesn’t particularly like.

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