4 Questing for Treasure

A Cat’s Guide to Questing for Treasure

“The prophecies had divined that you would be the first of your party to stumble before my feet. And so it must now be you who will complete the trial.”

Release Date: 28/06/2022
Format: Novel

The hero of legend doesn’t quite live up to his reputation.

Ben the Dragoncat, who defeated an all-powerful warlock and made history, knows his victory was a complete fluke. After all, warlocks know a lot of magic while Ben has only three tricks…

Fortunately, in times of peace no one seems to mind Ben’s limited power. So long as he avoids using illegal dark magic and behaves the way cats should, he can get along with this world and his dragon just fine.

Alas, everything changes when the warlocks pursue a treasure with the ability to cause a multi-dimensional apocalypse. A desert treasure guarded by a sphinx that seems to be linked to a particularly smelly dog.

If Ben and his motley crew can retrieve the treasure first, then they might just save the day. To do so, Ben will need grace, courage, dragons, and a smattering of magic.

But first, he needs to deal with that dog…

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The one about the hippopotamus.

How do you spell hippopotamus anyway?


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