9 Preventing Oblivion

A Cat’s Guide to Preventing Oblivion

The Dragoncat Grand Finale

Release Date: 28/02/2024
Format: Novel

Darkness Remains Undefeated

Ben the dragon riding Bengal cat and his allies managed to defeat the dark force at its own game.

Since then, Cana Dei, and those who serve it have been in hiding.

Meanwhile, the teenaged prodigy Seramina, who was destined to break the worlds is now safely under lock and seal. And the mighty Dragoncat is training a whole army of dragon-riding and magic-wielding cats for the final battle. Alas, they’re not very good at magic, and Cana Dei is undefeatable without it.

It will take a terrifying premonition, delivered by fortune-telling crystals, for them all to realise that they need to up their game.

Because Cana Dei has prepared a spell that will shatter the dimensions.

In other words, oblivion is nigh.

“A Cat’s Guide to Preventing Oblivion” is the ninth and final novel in the Dragoncat series of fun and child-friendly dragon riding adventures where not only humans befriend dragons, but cats (and a dog) too.



The one about the hippopotamus.

How do you spell hippopotamus anyway?


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