2 Meddling with Magic

A Cat’s Guide to Meddling with Magic

“How I missed those days of comfort and freedom in South Wales. Now, stuck in the kingdom of Illumine, I imagined I’d never return home. But at least I was safe and not trapped in some warlock’s abode as he tried to coerce me into executing his nefarious plans.”

Release Date: 04/03/2021
Format: Novel

Not another adventure!

Against all odds, Ben the Bengal cat defeated the demon dragon and sent it back to the Seventh Dimension.

Consequently, Ben’s nemesis, the evil warlock Astravar is ever so slightly miffed. That demon dragon was meant to take over the realm for Astravar, while the warlock stayed in a tower with a nice cup of tea and watched the conquest from afar. But it didn’t quite work that way…

Now, as a mysterious student prodigy emerges in Ben’s academy, Ben’s new feline-fae friend starts behaving rather odd, and Astravar seems to be concocting a brand-new nefarious plan, Ben realises he’ll have to go on another adventure. One that involves fairies, chimeras, and hippopotami, and that also crosses dimensions.

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