A Cat’s Guide to Dealing with Destiny

The Dragoncat adventure continues …

Release Date: 14/11/2023
Format: Novel

Trouble is brewing and it attacks from within …

Trouble is brewing and it attacks from within …

Cana Dei, the dark force, is rising. Its very name has driven fear into the hearts of citizens of the dimensions for millennia. So much so that it’s started to gain a grip on their souls.

Now, the dark force has found its way into the thoughts and dreams of some of the most powerful magicians. Still, there is one – a warlock’s daughter, the silver-haired dragon rider Seramina. Prophecies have warned of the dangers of her powerful magic. For it is she who under the tutelage of Cana Dei is destined to destroy the worlds.

It seems that only Ben, the Bengal cat who rides dragons and vanquishes warlocks, can save her from her destiny. But first he must deal with the dark force growing within.

“A Cat’s Guide to Dealing with Destiny” is the eighth novel in the Dragoncat series of fun and child-friendly dragon riding adventures where not only humans befriend dragons, but cats (and a dog) too.



The one about the hippopotamus.

How do you spell hippopotamus anyway?


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