1 Bonding with Dragons

A Cat’s Guide to Bonding with Dragons

“I won’t tell you much more about my life back in Wales, because it’s probably not particularly interesting to human ears. Instead I’ll tell you about the evil warlock who whisked me away across time and space from a good breakfast of milk and salmon trimmings right into the centre of a pentagram drawn in red chalk on his floor.”

Release Date: 28/12/2020
Format: Novel

This unlikely duo might just save the world

Ben must be the hungriest cat ever…

One moment, he was enjoying a breakfast of salmon trimmings in his home in South Wales. The next, he was teleported across time and space onto the cold stone floor of an evil warlock.

Locked in the warlock’s tower through day and night, Ben may have to serve him for a while. He’ll hate this, especially having to hunt those infernal demon rats when the warlock doesn’t feed him well at all.

Meanwhile, in a distant academy, a dragon is bored out of her mind. Unable to wear a saddle, no human dares mount her. Is there anyone in this land who can ride her into battle against the forces of the evil warlocks? Somehow, she doubts she’ll ever find a suitable bond.

Unless there is another creature with enough dexterity to fulfil that role. One, perhaps, who is currently sprinting right out of a warlock’s front door…

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The one about the hippopotamus.

How do you spell hippopotamus anyway?


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