Dragonseers and Automatons

While Pontopa struggles against internal forces, a battle builds in the north. Can Pontopa beat Empress Finesia from within, or will her nemesis ultimately seize control of her mind?

Release Date: 18/06/2020
Format: Novel

She will not relinquish her mind.

In the age of airships, automatons and secicao, it’s been two years since the nefarious Empress Finesia commanded the rise of the immortal black dragons in East Cadigan Island.

Now, back in the Southlands, Pontopa Wells is taking strong medications to keep Finesia from taking control of her mind. Meanwhile, up north, the power-hungry King Cini has created a factory that can deal out war automatons at astounding rates.

Can Pontopa lead men and dragons into battle against them, when her medications numb her telepathic connection to the dragons?

Especially when Alsie Fioreletta, the right hand of Empress Finesia, seems to have other plans.

Continue the rip-roaring adventure in the third part of the epic Secicao Blight steampunk fantasy series: Dragonseers and Automatons.


The author continues doing a top notch job of world building and character development. Particularly that of Pontopa and Taka. Behrsin balances action and exposition throughout this thought provoking story. The author also sets up Book four, very well. I can hardly wait for that story.

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Dragonseers and Automatons is a gripping steampunk fantasy. I am totally invested in this fantasy saga.

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I loved the ending even though it isn’t the ending of the books.

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A great continuation of the story.

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