Dragonseers and Bloodlines

A finely crafted, entertaining tale ★★★★★

— Goodreads Reviewer

Release Date: 21/11/2019
Format: Novel

Parenthood has never been so hard

It’s two years since Pontopa Wells escaped from the clutches of a power-hungry king and exiled to the Southlands: a continent infested with a noxious plant called secicao.

Now, Pontopa must parent her old mentor Sukina’s son, Taka, and she doesn’t know how to handle the task. Particularly when she struggles to live up to Sukina’s name and assume the role of a dragonseer — a leader of both men and dragons.

But when Taka goes missing, Pontopa must travel to a tropical continent, where she will meet an indigenous people who can reveal to her who she truly is.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Empress Finesia is on the rise, with the power to inhabit minds and a plan to use secicao to extinguish all mortal life on the planet.

Can Pontopa rescue Taka and, in doing so, put an end to Empress Finesia’s nefarious ways?

With a twisty and magmatic plot, ability enhancing concoctions, naval battles, wild weather, and automatons galore (both old and new), the much loved Dragonseer steampunk fantasy adventure continues in Dragonseers and Bloodlines.


This novel does not slow down but keeps you breathless throughout the entire read.

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What I appreciate most about this series is that the author has such a unique and solid vision of a fantasy world. It stands out among fantasy settings. And, personally, I love a lot of intrigue in fantasy, which this series has in spades. Highly recommended.

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You MUST continue reading this series! I cannot wait until the next book. I’m hooked 100% and anticipate being whisked off to this world again in a new adventure.

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As before, the world building is excellent and the character development is top notch. The writing is great and easy to read with a good flow to the pacing. All in all, a superb story. This book is well worth the time to read it.

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